The Beach Boys
January 21, 2017

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys - January 21, 2017
 Doors Open 6:45 PM; Showtime 7:30 PM

     You can capsulize most pop music acts by reciting how many hits they’ve had and how many millions of albums they’ve sold. But these conventional measurements fall short when you’re assessing the impact of The Beach Boys. Their amazing hits include “Surfin’,”  “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “I Get Around,” “Help Me Rhonda,” “California Girls,” “Good Vibrations,” “Kokomo,” and so many other 
remarkable hits.  

     The Beach Boys continue to hold Billboard / Nielsen SoundScan’s record as the top-selling American band for albums and singles, and they are also the American group with the most Billboard Top 40 chart hits (36) with over 100 million records sold worldwide.  They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.