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Meherrin River
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Why We Are Here

DEDicated to our community

In 1978, after perceiving a tremendous need for a performing arts series in the Emporia-Greensville area, a group of concerned citizens formed the Meherrin River Arts Council (MRAC). The MRAC–named after an historical river that runs right through the heart of the City of Emporia and Greensville County–took on the unusual task of bringing national-quality arts entertainment to a small-town setting



What We Do

bringing world-class acts to you

The group’s goals have been two-fold: create a series that showcases a variety of entertainment styles and genres while keeping tickets affordable to all segments of the population. In fulfilling this mission, an annual concert series of four performances began in 1979. Over the past thirty-eight seasons, the MRAC has produced over 150 performances. Audiences have enjoyed everything from the opera and ballet to plays and symphonic concerts. National and international stars have brought the sounds of jazz, country, contemporary and popular music to the region.

Who We Are


Wilson Clary, President
Steve Bloom, 1st VP
Meredith Thomas, 3rd VP
Jean Cobb, Treasurer
Barbara Moore, Secretary

Diana Blick
Earl Blick
Whitney Bloom
Steve Browder
Tom Burch
Jo Fannin
Peggy Martin
Scott Martin
Mark Novey
Kendall Nunnally
Linwood Pope
Brenda Pultz
Katie Richardson
Betsy Robinson
Missi Sadler
Tom Slippy
Allen Thomas
Robin Whitman
Gene Wiley